Happy Thoughts: Here Are the Things Proven To Make You Happier


*Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude
*Do what you are good at as often as you can
*Spend as much time as possible with people you like
*Money is good. Many other things are better.
 -Positive mental time travel: Happy memories or looking forward to something
 -Being present: Not letting your mind wander and being absorbed in the moment.
  Savoring is one of the secrets of the happiest people.
  Focusing on the limited time you have in this life is a good way to
  remind you to savor what is important.
  You don’t usually do what brings you joy, you do what is easy.
  Set ambitious goals and strive. Look at life as growing and learning.
  A wandering mind is not a happy mind.
  Mastering skills is stressful in the short term and
  happiness-boosting in the long term.
*Be optimistic, even to the border of delusion
*Fundamentals are fundamental (Eat something. Take a nap. Get your sleep.)
*Frequency beats intensity
 Lots of little good things is the path to happiness.
 You want frequent boosts not rare big stuff.
 It’s the little things of everyday life that make lasting improvements to our happiness.
*Avoid life’s most common regrets


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